A confidential and specialist listening and support service for male and female victims of physical, sexual, emotional and mental abuse.

The need to understand the effects of abuse on male victims, and to tackle Britain’s last taboo has never been more necessary as it is today, with more and more male victims seeking support

Why is understanding and treating male abuse important?

  • Suicide is the most common cause of death in males under 35

  • 65% Alcohol related deaths are males

  • 79% drug related deaths are males

  • 99% homelessness are males

  • 75% prison inmates have been abused as children/adults

  • 40% domestic abuse victims were male last year

Barriers to understanding male abuse

  • Society is unaccepting of male abuse

  • Males have never been given the opportunity to speak out

  • Stigma attached

  • ”It’s a gay crime” /  “Women can’t rape men” /  “Men can fight back”

The effects of abuse on male survivors



• Intrusive Thoughts

• Viewing Sex As An Obligation

• Seeing Sex As A Means To Exert Power

• Confusing Sex And Love

• Rigid Boundaries Or Lack Of Boundaries

• Difficulty Forming Close Relationships

• Trust Issues/Intimacy Issues

• Sexual Relationship Dysfunctions

• Difficulty With Authority Figures

• Vague Or No Recollection Of Early Years Or Periods

• Psychosomatic Symptoms Including Long Term Ailments

• Guilt And Shame

• Anger

• Fear

• Anxiety

• Self-Loathing

• Confusion Around Sexuality

• Appeasing [Needing To Be Loved]

• Flashbacks


We're always happy to provide any additional information about our services. Contact us on +44 01869 232461+44 01869 232461 or use our contact form.


15th August 2016 - 29th August 2016

Clean Slate will close for a 2 week break over the summer holidays, for any help and support during this time please contact the Samartians free any time, from any phone on 116 123.

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