Find out more about how our services are paid for.

At Clean Slate we strive to give everyone the support they deserve. Costs in recent years have risen from rent, utilities, insurance, materials and more; we have to ask for clients to financially contribute to their therapy. We cover part of our costs from charitable fundraising and donors. 


It  costs around £40 per counselling session, any contribution that people can make is vitally important to ensure that our work can continue to run. 

When you meet with the initial assessor, you will discuss and agree how much your fee per session will be. “This will be based on a formula of £1 per £1000 of household income including benefits. So, for example, if this sum amounted to £15,000 per year, the fee per session would be £15.”

No client will be turned away if they cannot afford to pay that, but even if you are unwaged, we expect you to contribute at least £5. If financially you are unable to contribute, we will look at other funding sources to enable you to access the service.


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