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Non-fatal strangulation - Training summary report

It is vital that professionals understand non-fatal strangulation and the risk it poses

In March 2023 I attended Non- fatal strangulation webinar which was presented by SafeLives and made available for wide variety of professions working with those affected by Non-fatal strangulation. I am bringing you some key messages from the webinar and other resources.

Safe Lives ( ending DA) are working with the Institute for Addressing Strangulation and developed training for a range of professionals who encounter victims and survivors of non-fatal strangulation.

•Non-fatal strangulation is a known way for perpetrators of domestic abuse to control and intimidate their victim. It is an insidious form of domestic abuse which recently became a standalone criminal offence in the Domestic Abuse Act 2021. Despite the strong link between non-fatal strangulation and domestic homicide, it can be difficult to identify due to a lack of visible injury ( SafeLives,2023).

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