Dealing with the Narcissist - Online

12 Week Course - For female survivors of Domestic Abuse

  • Starts 15 Sept
  • 25 British pounds
  • Online

Service Description

There are many different types of narcissists that you may have come across in life. This course has been created to help you recognise narcissism, avoid emotional manipulation, deal with narcissism, and recover from narcissistic or damaging relationships. This course is ideal for survivors of domestic abuse, to enable you to see how you found yourself involved in these types of relationships. Following an introduction to what emotional and domestic abuse are, the course focuses on what a narcissist is, how to identify them, behavioural warning signs and how they may make you feel. 1. You will learn about eight types of narcissists and their modus operandi and explore the essential concepts of narcissistic supply and love bombing. 2. You will learn about the manipulation techniques narcissists use on a daily basis – gaslighting and projection, coercive control, hoovering, triangulation, and flying monkeys – as well as the phrases they may use. 3. We will consider how emotional and narcissistic abuse impacts an individual’s mental health, self-esteem, sense of self, cognitive functioning, and emotional regulation. The course will increase your awareness of narcissism and explain how to protect yourself from narcissists and safely end a relationship with them, along with looking at options for therapy and things you can do to help yourself, if therapy isn’t an option. By attending this programme, you will: • Be able to recognise narcissistic traits. • Understand the techniques narcissists use to manipulate others. • Explore the impact that emotional and narcissistic abuse has. • Learn techniques to deal with narcissists. • Discover how to recover from a narcissistic relationship.

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