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WSG - Self Love Journey

Helping you to reconnect with your true self.

  • Started 27 Apr
  • 30 British pounds
  • Lakeview Drive

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This programme will run for 12 weeks and is open to all women, of all ages, cultures & backgrounds. This programme is face-to-face and will take place at Bicester Tesco's. The cost of the programme is £30 for the whole course which includes, journals, refreshments and activities. Self-love is one of the deepest, most powerful, versatile, and transformative spiritual practices in existence. Every person on this planet, regardless of who they are or what they’ve gone through, can benefit tremendously from self-love. In fact, self-love is such a game-changer that it is at the very core of the spiritual awakening journey. How else can you heal, grow, open, and expand without connecting with the power of Love? Self-love transforms us on every single layer of our being. From the physical and emotional to the mental and spiritual, self-love is the molten alchemical fire that dissolves our shadows, enlightens our minds, and illuminates our hearts. The purpose of this Self-Love course is to help you reconnect with yourself. 18 Profound Benefits of Self-Love Self-love softens, illuminates, and deepens every aspect of life. Here are some of the many benefits of learning how to love yourself: 1. More tolerance of your flaws and weaknesses 2. More self-confidence 3. More self-forgiveness 4. Healthier mindset (and less self-sabotaging thoughts) 5. Improved ability to discover and fulfil your personal destiny 6. Increased love, acceptance, and compassion for yourself 7. Increased love, acceptance, and compassion for others 8. Improved relationships 9. Improved friendships 10.Improved work-life 11. More authentic connections with people 12. Enhanced joy and gratitude for life 13.Increased playfulness, creativity, and spontaneity 14. More self-trust 15. Healthier and wiser choices 16.Increased access to new life opportunities 17. Improved mental health (i.e., less anxiety + depression) 18.Deeper access to one’s Soul and spiritual path Some of these benefits are immediate, while others take time to develop. Gentleness and patience are the keys.

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  • Tesco Superstore, Lakeview Drive, Bicester, UK