We provide support services to male victims of abuse.

Counselling and 1-to-1 support

With the waiting list for NHS counselling growing there is an increased need for people to receive and access these services. Individual, confidential support for men 16 and over who have been abused. Clients can self-refer or can be referred by other agencies.

This is a chance to disclose any abuse historical or present and to look at positive coping mechanisms and how the effects of abuse may have had life altering changes.

For an appointment or just to discuss any fears you may have call 01869 232369 or use the contact form. All information is treated confidentially and there is never any pressure to disclose anything that you are not comfortable with.

Men's Support Group - Coming Soon

Weekly meetings offering confidential support, information and strategies for positive change. Open to all men who are experiencing abuse or who have been abused in the past. Participants share feelings, concerns and fears with one another and learn about the issues and available options as well as finding yourself.

To learn more, contact the group facilitator on 01869 232461

Male Abuse Freedom Programme - Coming Soon