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Blue World Counselling & Coaching has partnered with Clean Slate to run a Men’s Support Programme for those who may be struggling with their mental health, feeling lonely, looking for a bit of support, or wanting to help others using their own lived experience.


In a safe and non-judgmental space, we’ll explore a variety of topics each week, providing in-depth knowledge and skills to help you move forward and thrive in life.


Hopefully we’ll have a bit of a laugh, too!


One of the main challenges in men’s mental health is society’s deep-rooted expectations around masculinity. Men are often habituated to be stoic and tough and to hide their vulnerabilities. Although this can be true, it’s often detrimental to healing and coping. This societal pressure can make it difficult for men to open up about their struggles, but opening up shows great strength, and by doing so, you can find ways to manage some of life’s difficulties. You might even go on to help others.


Together, we’ll redefine what it means to be strong, resilient and connected.


Your journey towards a healthier, happier life starts here. Embrace the change; embrace the support. Let’s build a community where every man’s well-being matters. #inittogether

Men's Support Group

Come along and enjoy tea, bicuits, peer support and meet like-minded people. 

Every Thursday - 7.30pm - 9pm

Venue: 572 Brice Road, Upper Heyfiord, Oxon, OX25 5TE

For more information:

Contact Nikki - 

For more information on other organisations offering male support please visit our resource page

Additional Courses / Support / Resources

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