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A big thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years.
Image by Alejandro Garay

Easter Bingo 2024

We raised: £951.50

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Annual Christmas Bingo 2023

We raised: £788

Race to the Stones - 10th-11th July 2021


"I have read lots of advice about how to train, prepare and plan for an ultra marathon. The very first thing to do is stop planning, training and talking about, the first job to do is apply... DONE.


So on the 10th July this year I will be running, (in the very loose sense as walking maybe involved) 100K or 62 miles in one 24 hour period. This will be from Lewknor along the Ridgeway to Avebury in Wiltshire. 


Why am I doing this? A question I may very well ask myself a number of times over the next six months. There are so many worthy charities who need support but I have decided to support an Oxfordshire based charity who has helped me following the PTSD I suffered after a sexual assault which affected my mental health to the point I was planning my own suicide. Men in particular don’t talk about their worries, we are frankly bloody crap at sharing our problems and concerns. The usual response from a man when asked ‘how are you?’ I’m good or fine. When we should just say ‘I am not ok, I’m really struggling at the mo’..... 


Clean Slate really supported me as it made me understand what happened wasn’t my fault, helped me deal with the negative thoughts, anger and emotions that had built up, helped me with coping strategies in response to ‘triggers’ and, made me feel that instead of existing I could move forward and start living my life once more. They exist to support both men and women in Oxfordshire who as an adult or child have experienced sexual, physical, emotional and domestic abuse which has impacted on their mental health.


There are people in Oxfordshire who are still suffering in silence and this charity relies on donations from clients like me, each counselling session costs £40 to run and therefore, if I can raise some money they can then offer their services and reach out to so many more people in our local community. They made a huge difference to me so please do something amazing and support this local charity as I never thought I could move on from what happened to me."

Toby Christensen


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