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Rebuilding Me

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Building Resilience after abuse. The old saying goes that, “You are your own worst critic”. It is very true that most of us are hard on ourselves, particularly if we get even the slightest hint that we don’t ‘match up’ in some way – in our achievements, career or study, social standing, relationships, appearance, body image, financial status, etc. If we make even the minutest mistake, then we have a tendency to berate ourselves, and if we make a genuine medium or large mistake, then look out! People seem to find it hard, and for some almost impossible, to treat or speak to themselves in a kind or caring manner. In fact, some recoil from the idea of it, like they were being asked to do something repulsive or painful. In this module we will look at what self-compassion is all about, why it is so vital to our well-being, and why we are great at self-criticism, but struggle when it comes to self-kindness. Being able to cultivate self-compassion can be a stand-alone approach that might address all your mental health needs, or it may be a helpful starting point. Either way, if you identify with being your own harshest critic, then join us on the journey from self-criticism to self-kindness.

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