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Healing the Inner Child

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Discover the concept of the inner child - what it is, the effects of denying it, how to heal our inner child, and the benefits of doing so. You will learn how to use inner child work to complete your own emotional healing journey. The Inner Child Healing Course begins with an introduction to the theories underpinning inner child healing, the concepts of trauma and the false self, and why the inner child needs healing. From this initial outline of the subject, you’ll go deeper as you learn about Inner Child Therapy. You will learn the benefits of the therapy and how it can help you and how it can address various psychological issues. You’ll look into your relationship with your parents, both in the past and the present, along with the topics of denial, the sliding scale of abuse and neglect, and the difficulties around shame, blame and responsibility. This course is for survivors of mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, as well as neglect in childhood.

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