A confidential and specialist listening and support service for male and female victims of physical, sexual, emotional and mental abuse.
A confidential and specialist listening and support service for male and female victims of physical, sexual, emotional and mental abuse.

Welcome to Clean Slate

Clean Slate's purpose is to provide a service that empowers, builds self-esteem and develops the talking and coping skills of adults and young people who have been victim to sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuse in Oxfordshire.

What we offer

Listening & Support Service

  • 1- to- 1 Counselling

  • 1- to -1 Support

  • Peer and group support which includes:

    • Letting Go Programme (Empowerment and confidence building)

    • Freedom Programme (Domestic Abuse Programme)

Training for Professionals

  • Understanding the effects of Abuse

  • Understanding the effects of Male abuse

  • Self-harm workshop

  • Delivering the Freedom programme to other organisations




Aims of Clean Slate

Improved health & wellbeing

  1. Improvement in mental health

  2. Reduction of suicidal thoughts

  3. Reduction of drug and alcohol intake and admissions to rehab

  4. Reduction in domestic violence incidents / anger management

  5. Able to deal with shame, guilt, fear reducing anxiety and depression and insomnia.

  6. Able to cope better with everyday life

  7. Owning their experience and not comparing the affects with that of others


  1. Volunteering as appropriate- so giving back

  2. Socialising

  3. Return to work
  4. Engaging with life again - hence reducing isolation

  5. Feeling understood and valued- no longer feeling alone

Increased safety and perception of safety

  1. Engaging in social set-ups without fear

  2. Comfortable in their own communities

  3. Ability to rationalise haunting thought

  4. Trusting others often for the first time

  5. More articulate and able to express themselves in social settings

  6. Reduction or abstinence of drugs and alcohol increases sense of personal safety and ability to experience reality

  7. Able to recognise risks and minimise anxiety when out



Improved experience of the criminal justice system

  1. With personal support less likely to offend

  2. Able to access the criminal Justice system with a clear understanding of likely outcome

  3. Understanding that prosecution may fail and dealing with the consequences of this

  4. Understanding that at times prosecutions are not possible due to lack of evidence but this does not mean that they are not believed.

  5. Preparation for court and giving evidenceas well as support through the experience and after

  6. Giving them confidence in the system.


Business Hours

Office Times                  

Monday-Thursday  9am - 3pm


Out of Hours/Outreach                

Contact 07825630203



Contact Us Today:

Clean Slate,

The Chapel,

572 Brice Road,

Upper Heyford,


OX25 5TE

01869 232461      

07825 630203



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Registered Charity Number 1132281

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