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Consultation on the impacts of joint tenancies on victims of domestic abuse

Here is an interesting consultation aimed at the social rented sector, to look at how best to provide appropriate support for those suffering domestic abuse.

Topic of this consultation

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities is seeking views on the impacts of the law on joint tenancies on victims of domestic abuse in the social rented sector. We are interested in whether:

  • perpetrators are using their ability to end a joint tenancy to threaten the victim with homelessness;

  • victims feel trapped in their joint tenancy with the perpetrator;

  • the current guidance for social landlords is sufficient to support victims in joint tenancies; and

  • the law on transferring joint tenancies is functioning successfully for victims.

Scope of this consultation

We are gathering evidence from victims, landlords, the legal profession, advisory services and other organisations and individuals associated with the domestic abuse sector with an understanding of the issues impacting victims in joint social housing tenancies.

The consultation will focus on social sector tenancies given the complexity of the issues to be explored and the interaction social landlords have with responsibilities and duties on domestic abuse.

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