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#FriendsCanTell campaign launch

Young people told us controlling behaviours are so common in their social circles they are considered normal. Through the #FriendsCanTell campaign - designed by young people - they are upskilled to recognise and safely manage concerns about abuse in their friend’s relationship.

They can be empowered to tell their friend 'that's not OK’, or to tell a professional on their friend's behalf to get them the support they need.

The campaign launches today on Instagram and will be followed by a TikTok series, films, podcasts and a national poster campaign throughout 2022 – with many of your favourite brands and influencers joining the cause.

Keep your eyes peeled where you are – and share online with the hashtag #FriendsCanTell. Help us reach more young people by liking, commenting, saving and sharing the #FriendsCanTell posts, or visit the campaign page for more ideas on how to support the campaign, and for information for friends supporting friends.

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