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General support for Domestic Abuse

Updated: May 30, 2022

Victim Support

Victim Support is an independent charity that helps people cope with the effects of crime. They provide free and confidential support and information. They offer a live chat service or email support.

Website: Phone: 0808 1689 111 – 24/7


SupportLine provides a confidential telephone helpline offering emotional support to any individual on any issue. The Helpline is primarily a preventative service and aims to support people before they reach the point of crisis. It is particularly aimed at those who are socially isolated, vulnerable, at-risk groups and victims of any form of abuse.

Website: Phone: 01708 765200 Email:

Victim and Witness Information

Victim and Witness Information provides information on specialist support and help for victims of crime, including practical help, even if it hasn’t been reported to the police. They also offer information on reporting a crime, going to court, and what to do after a trial.

Women’s Aid Useful Links

Women’s Aid offers an in-depth database of services for a range of issues including alcohol and drugs, gambling, money issues and international organisations. We recommend you look there if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our site.

Victims First

Victims First provides free emotional and practical support to all victims and witnesses of crime in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, regardless of whether or not the crime has been reported to the police.

Website: Phone: 0300 1234 148

Revenge Porn Helpline

Revenge Porn Helpline is a UK service supporting adults (18+) who are experiencing intimate image abuse, also known as, revenge porn. They offer non-judgemental and confidential advice, support with reporting and removing content, advice on social media and reporting, and legal advice.

Website: Email:

OK Rehab

We are

OK Rehab is a recovery advocate service. OK Rehab was founded by people who are living their lives ‘in recovery’. We aim to offer addiction treatment options for all, no matter what the situation they may be facing right now. All of our helpline advisors have ‘wore the t-shirt when it comes to issues surrounding addiction, including being ‘helpless’, ‘hopeless’, and ‘homeless’.

We Treat

We help facilitate treatment for anyone who actively wants to stop using drugs or drinking alcohol. This desire is often easier said than done. If your loved one is in denial about his or her addiction, then we are also able to assist via an intervention programme.

We Help

We help individuals seeking to self-refer themselves into addiction treatment. We also help concerned third parties, such as loved ones, friends, co-workers, and employers who wish to help a person accept the need for addiction treatment.

General enquiries: 0800 326 5559

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