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Residential for CSA Victims

The Lotus Programme

Welcome to the Lotus programme, the unique alternative to traditional weekly counselling for those who have experienced and survived Childhood Sexual Abuse. The Lotus programme brings together individual counselling, group-work and specialist workshops under the umbrella of an intensive, interactive and integrated programme of residential therapeutic support. Set within a safe and confidential environment, the Lotus programme aims to provide the opportunity to look at Childhood Sexual Abuse and the consequences of the trauma it has caused and how this influences adulthood. Lotus will explore a range of coping strategies which can be used and employed to manage and conquer the negative impact the trauma has had. By gaining an insight into your trauma you will emerge a stronger, better equipped and more self-confident individual, armed with an understanding of what happened to you and with a tool bag of strategies with which you can move forward and feel more positive about what the future holds.

After your time with us, and in order to evaluate and improve the Lotus programme for future participants, we always ask for and receive feedback from those who have attended. Participants may also wish to send us their own “testimonials” (click here to see what people have said about the programme).

To find out more please click on the link Residential – START (

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