You Matter

You don’t need to suffer alone – help is at hand. Fast, free, confidential support is just a phone call away for all NHS, Social Care, Mental Health, CCG, Primary Care and Ambulance staff across Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

Staff Mental Health & Wellbeing Hub

You Matter (

We can help you with

  • Feeling down or hopeless

  • Sleeping – too much, too little

  • No interest or enjoyment

  • Eating too much or not enough

  • Feeling tired or having no energy

  • Drinking more alcohol than usual

  • Using non prescribed drugs

  • Trouble concentrating

  • Feeling nervous anxious or on edge

  • Worrying, and trouble relaxing

  • Becoming easily annoyed or irritable

What we offer

  • Team Wellbeing Hubs

  • REACT training – team managers

  • Individual support

  • Individual Clinical Screening

  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)

  • Mental Health assessments

  • SHAPE coaching

  • CBT

  • Couple Therapy for depression

Full details on each of our offers can be found on the What we offer page.

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