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Outreach Forms

These forms are for use by volunteers when supporting clients 

To be completed by clients accessing counselling. This form need to be emailed out to client by the allocated counsellor/support worker

To be completed after every session with client

This form needs to be completed weekly and emailed to 

To be used when you have had your final session with client. 

This form can be used anytime during your work with the client

To be used for Domestic Abuse cases

If a client is thinking of leaving or ending the relationship then this plan can be sent to client. 

To be used by Domestic Abuse Champions to assess level of risk. 

Marble Surface

We at Clean Slate would like to give all our Volunteers the opportunity to gain skills through learning, you may have basic knowledge within the field you are working, we would like for you to take the opportunity to expand your knowledge through our training opportunities. We then hope that you would be confident enough to potentially go onto the next stage of Volunteering for us.

As a volunteer you will expected to attend all of the regular training and refreshers we have running throughout the year, depending on the relevancy to your role.

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