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Would you like to encourage positive change in your community and improve your listening skills?

FREE 1 hour Zoom workshops for charities & community groups – limited places so use the links to register now!

Enabling you and your community to:

• Understand ABCD principles and explore how these can be put into practice in your community

• Focus on what’s strong not what’s wrong and engage everyone especially those who not are usually involved

• Be community-led and uncover community assets

• Build your listening and communication skills to find out what matters to your neighbours and what capacities they have to help strengthen community life

Join one session or both – learning from each session contributes to the other but can also be used separately

Asset Based Community Development workshop for Charities & Community Groups Tickets, Mon 14 Mar 2022 at 12:00 | Eventbrite

Active Listening Skills for Charities and Community Groups Tickets, Mon 4 Apr 2022 at 12:00 | Eventbrite

For further information please contact Lisa Stead

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